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Built-In Coffeemakers Are a Splurge for Homeowners

Your clients may want to create a home cafe with these high-end machines. More

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Green Gauge: Alure Home Improvements' Green Kitchen Display

The green kitchen display in Alure's showroom helps the company's designers determine clients' level of interest in sustainable products. More

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Dynasty by Omega Beaded Inset Doors

Dynasty by Omega is introducing a series of 15 beaded inset doors. More

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Email Marketing's Fast, Friendly, Non-Intrusive

Still contacting your past customers, or new ones, by mail or phone? There's a much better way. More

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Look Outside the Remodeling Box, and Learn to Thrive

Columnist and consultant Linda Case visits "the coolest small company in America"... More

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Plastic People

A credit card is defined as a "small, thin plastic object that allows the holder to purchase goods or services on credit." Today, credit card purchases are used for one-tenth of consumer payments made in the U.S. More and more consumers choose to use credit cards for purchases ranging from a $3 cup of coffee to a major appliance or an extravagant vacation. And while home improvement contractors are sometimes happy to take credit cards, they often prefer that customers finance jobs the old-fashioned ways: with a check or with some form of consumer financing. More

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Locksets & Hardware

Constructed of solid brass and featuring the maker's Maxum deadbolt, the Cambria... More

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