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Wages on Hold for Remodeling Companies

Hourly wages and salaries begin to increase, but inflation is eating into buying power. More

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The Tardy Boys: Have You Heard Any of These Excuses From Late Workers?

Some employees will say almost anything to explain why they are late to the jobsite. More

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House Party: How to Set up an Open House

Steps to take to set up an open house to highlight the work of a your remodeling company. More

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Busines How-To: Paper or Plastic? Accepting Credit Card Payments

Should your business accept credit cards or not? More

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You Are What They Read: A Buyer's Guide Does More Than Just Educate Clients

A buyer's guide containing information about the remodeling process helps position you as a professional and differentiates you from the competition. More

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Do the Right Thing: How to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

To help you keep your clients as happy as possible, REMODELING spoke to the industry leaders in customer satisfaction to find out how they impress their clients. More

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