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Outside Assistance: Getting Started in Home Performance Contracting

Several competing companies -- some of them franchises -- offer opportunities to help get you started in home performance contracting. More

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Home Performance Contractors: An Industry at the Ready

The National Capital Contractor Forum helps contractors prepare for increased interest in home performance work. More

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New Jersey Remodeler Helps Clients Earn State Rebates

Remodeler Craig Lord works with New Jersey's Home Performance with Energy Star program. More

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Remodelers Sort Through Questions as Energy Audits Gain Steam

Between the home energy tax credits and the ongoing energy bill debate, there may be no better time for remodelers to consider offering energy audits. More

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Glazed and Confused: Window, Door, and Skylight Tax Credits

The way that door and window products qualify for tax credits has changed. Here's what you need to know. More

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Remodeling Trade Partners and the ARRA

Itís never been more important to work with knowledgeable trade contractors. Hereís how to get them on board the green bandwagon ñ without letting them go overboard. More

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Next for Home Efficiency: Performance-Based Standards

Industry insiders believe the major drivers of home-efficiency improvements will... More

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National and Regional Green Certification Programs

As consumer interest in sustainable building grows, so does the number of national and local green certification, training, and accreditation programs. Here's a guide to what's on offer. More

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