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Certifiably Skilled: Certification After the Demise of Home Star

Just how important is certification now that Home Star is gone? Many remodelers still see value in having their employees certified in home performance contracting. More

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Back to School: Home Performance Certifications

Many remodelers believe that there is a legitimate need for home performance certifications, specifically. More

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Local Level: A Look at Some Specific Weatherization Programs

Local weatherization programs gear up to help homeowners finance energy-efficient upgrades. More

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Building a Future: Effects of the Home Star Bill on Remodeling

Will passage of the Home Star Energy Retrofit bill put remodelers back to work or out of work? More

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Outside Assistance: Getting Started in Home Performance Contracting

Several competing companies -- some of them franchises -- offer opportunities to help get you started in home performance contracting. More

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Home Performance Contractors: An Industry at the Ready

The National Capital Contractor Forum helps contractors prepare for increased interest in home performance work. More

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Remodeling Trade Partners and the ARRA

Itís never been more important to work with knowledgeable trade contractors. Hereís how to get them on board the green bandwagon ñ without letting them go overboard. More

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Next for Home Efficiency: Performance-Based Standards

Industry insiders believe the major drivers of home-efficiency improvements will... More

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