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Don't Remodel Your Clients Out of Their Fire Safety

The wrong home updates could compromise a home's fire prevention systems More

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Fire Protection Products: Sprinklers and Beyond

Home sprinkler systems can be a highly effective line of defense against home fires, but they also can be expensive. Check out these new offerings that will upgrade your standard building products to those with fire-retardant properties, allowing longer egress times for homeowners. More

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Merit Award, Green Remodeling Over $250,000: Original Blend

Modern technology comes to bear on an 1888 home that needed an energy-efficient upgrade and more space. More

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Product Extra: FSC-Certified Materials

Products andmaterials made of FSC-certified wood from Boise Cascade, EarthSource, EcoTimber, Native Trails, Neil Kelly Cabinets, and Smith & Fong. More

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Firm Harvesting Over 200 Trees

Idaho-based timber firm Boise (formerly Boise Cascade) has announced to its employees and customers that it will cease harvesting trees over 200 years old in large, untouched wilderness areas, the New York Times reported. More

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