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Are You Going to Court, or Courting Disaster?

Every remodeler has thought about suing a client who doesn't pay what they're owed, but going to court might not be your best option for settling debts. More

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Do You Take Credit Cards? Maneuver Carefully When You Apply Surcharges

After the settlement in a recent class action suit, it seemed the proverbial door to contractors charging credit card fees to customers had been opened, attorney D.S. Berenson says. But going through that door is not so simple. Here's how to avoid trouble. More

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Avoid a Hiring Hassle: Run Background Checks by the Book

Non-compliance could leave a company open to a lawsuit, so follow these rules when... More

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2013 Changes to Workers' Compensation

Usually every year there are some perfunctory state-specific changes in workersí comp. But look out, beginning in 2013, there is one change that will affect almost everybody: a change in the calculation of the experience modification rate (EMR) ñ which is likely to increase premiums. More

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Top Attorney Talks About Legal Issues Remodelers Face

Construction law attorney D.S. Berenson highlights the top legal issues of concern to remodelers today. More

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