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Draw Them In: Using 3-D Software to Communicate a Design to Clients

Experiencing a project in three dimensions aids communication with clients, providing a much more accurate sense of how the project will look. More

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Across the Lines: New Immigration Laws Could Change the Way You Do Business

Arizona and Alabama are among the states to usher in strict new immigration laws. More

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Fun in the Sun: Summertime Fun for Your Staff

Your staff and crew work hard year 'round, so reward them with some fun. More

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Branching Out: Tree House Design Contest

Baugher Design & Remodel's design contest at a local school earned the company more than just good will. More

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Substantial Gain: Subcontracting the Role of Project Manager

One remodeler finds that using the right subcontracted project managers can lower overhead and increase efficiency. More

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Remodelers' Enduring Lessons from a Bruiser of a Downturn

Consultant Linda Case gathers case studies from remodelers who are pulling out the... More

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