Alure Home Improvements

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Keeping Cause Marketing Close to the Cause

From attending charitable events to lending a hand with labor, participating in... More

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Coming to Grips With Hurricane Sandy

Long Island remodelers took a direct hit from the hurricane. Now they“re in the front lines of the recovery. More

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Comparing Cloud-Based Apps: CompuTool and

The type of company you operate and the kind of work you do should guide your... More

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Green Gauge: Alure Home Improvements' Green Kitchen Display

The green kitchen display in Alure's showroom helps the company's designers determine clients' level of interest in sustainable products. More

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Local Level: A Look at Some Specific Weatherization Programs

Local weatherization programs gear up to help homeowners finance energy-efficient upgrades. More

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That $1,500 Tax Credit? Consider it the First Step to Bigger Projects

Growing numbers of full-service remodelers are embracing the homeowner tax credits for energy-efficient work as possible segues to larger remodeling jobs. Energy audits often play a key role. More

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Limiting the Effect of Price Spikes and Materials Shortages

Tips for helping remodelers avoid the hit when prices spike and shortages loom. More

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