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Merit Award, Whole-House Remodeling Over $500,000: Suburban Renewal

A drab split-level home is transformed into a modern showpiece with the addition of a "light box" to the rear facade, adding space on two levels and bringing in abundant natural light. More

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"Belly-to-Belly" Marketing Yields Best Payoff for Creative Remodelers

Remodelers move away from traditional print marketing to opportunities for... More

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Teaching Customer Care

How do you teach your employees and subcontractors customer service skills? More

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Power of Encouragement

About a year ago Agape Construction in Kirkwood, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis, began recognizing the hard work of its subcontractors and staff through its Super Employee of the Month program. More

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1930s town square showroom

Disney's Main Street USA concept has always intrigued remodeler Tim Thompson. While clients who visit the new Thompson Building Associates showroom in Columbus, Ohio, stand agape at the facades, Thompson says it's the employees who get the real kick out of the $45,000 extra he spent to make his $180,000 office remodel truly unique. Or, they can examine the windows and other products built into "buildings" that frame the town square, where Thompson presides in the "Mayor's Office." More

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