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Three Outdoor Features that Boomers Want in Their Current Community

Well-maintained and easy-access public restrooms, and separate pathways for... More

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Home for Life 2014 Site Goes Live

Virtual home illustrates how to design a house that functions well and saves money... More

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Use This Quick Primer to Incorporate Universal Design Into Your Work

Here are the resources to tap and ideas to use to convert a design philosophy into... More

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Tips for Capturing Universal Design/Aging-in-Place Leads

Highlights from Victoria Downingís presentation at the 2012 Remodeling Show focusing on effective marketing techniques for getting more universal design leads. More

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Before and After: Home for Life Remodel

Remodelers can play a key role in helping baby boomers stay in their current homes by making those homes more accessible and livable for all occupants regardless of age or ability. More

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Ways to Market Your Universal Design Skills

Russell Glickman of Glickman Design Build suggests avenues for connecting with prospects who need universal design services. More

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Better Living Through Design: An Interview With Jeanne Anthony

AARP's Jeanne Anthony discusses the challenges of universal design and how remodelers can help educate consumers and create a business niche for themselves. More

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All-Access Pass: Universal Design in the Bathroom; Affordable Cabinets in the Kitchen

Bathroom design with accessibility in mind; kitchen design that gets clients the most bang for their buck in cabinets. More

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All-Access Pass: Cabinet Savers

To find out what your clients need, encourage them to visualize how the kitchen will work in different scenarios and ask plenty of questions about how they intend to use the space. More

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