2013 Issues

January 2013 January 2013

This issue: 2013 Cost vs. Value Report — The big news is a bump up in the cost-value ratio due to lower costs and stabilizing house prices. For the first time in six years, the overall average cost-value ratio has improved, reaching 60.6%.

February 2013 February 2013

This issue: Top 100 Markets — Metrostudy's analysis finds better-than-2007 conditions in 105 of 366 markets.

March 2013 March 2013

This issue: 2013 Buyer's Guide

April 2013 April 2013

This issue: Necessary?Evil? — Learning to live with, even if you can't love, online reviews.

May 2013 May 2013

This issue: Big50 Class of 2013—Looking for best practices? We have 187 of them from this year's Big50

August 2013 August 2013

This issue: Remodeling550—Learn where your business stands in comparison with the nation's biggest home improvement companies

September 2013 September 2013

This issue: the Remodeling Design Award winners offer inspiration. Plus: get the facts on web-based cost estimating services.

October 2013 October 2013

This issue: A Spark From Flint / Before + After / How To Go to Small Claims Court

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