2012 Issues

January 2012 January 2012

This issue: Top 100 Markets — Our second annual forecast of the 100 U.S. markets that will be most active in 2012 is based, as was the inaugural list, on the Residential Remodeling Index, or RRI. The good news: more than three-quarters of the cities on the list are over 80% of the way back to their 2007 levels of remodeling activity.

February 2012 February 2012

This issue: Sales Alchemy — Several remodelers offer suggestions such as offering bath packages, using seminars to sell, and offering financing to help prospects make the decision to remodel.

March 2012
April 2012 April 2012

This issue: K&B: Dollars and Sense — Today's homeowners are demanding increased value in their kitchen and bath remodels. We show you how to deliver.

May 2012 May 2012

This issue: The Big50 Class of 2012 — Meet the 50 extraordinary companies that are this year’s Big50 and learn about their best practices. Big or small, they set an example for us all. Congratulations to the Big 50 Class of 2012.

August 2012 August 2012

This issue: 2012 Remodeling 550 — Because home renovation is the most fragmented industry in the U.S., REMODELING magazine provides an annual list of the industry’s largest companies. The list includes 550 businesses divided in four groups: full-service remodelers; replacement or specialty...

September 2012 September 2012

This issue: 2012 Remodeling Design Awards — What makes a winning project? Design that hits high marks in craftsmanship, aesthetics, sustainability, and livability. While many projects in this year’s crop of 215 entries struck the right notes, 20 stood out as clear winners.

October 2012 October 2012

This issue: The Fred Case Entrepreneur of the Year Award — Brian Elias, owner of 1-800-Hansons, in Detroit, gets his inspiration from a wide variety of places and uses it to generate impressive business results.

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