Tulsa, OK

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City Watch: Top 20 Best-Performing Markets for Remodeling

From the Top 100 Markets list, we take a closer look at the 20 best-performing markets in the U.S. More

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Complete Scope of Work Sells Siding Projects

Homeowners who know exactly what will happen, when, and with what materials, gain confidence in your company's ability to do the job. Even at a higher price. More

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Residential Remodeling Index (RRI) Top 20 Markets Preview

Numerous factors have helped these 20 cities climb to the top of our annual report. Is your city on the list? More

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How To Put Your Project Proposal On The Internet

A detailed scope of work, on video, makes an Oklahoma company appear more professional. More

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New Jobs Needed for a Tulsa Turnaround

A stagnant local economy needs job creation to give it a boost and create consumer confidence. More

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All Pro

Coach, salesman extraordinaire, industry statesman, And to knowing how to manage large, high-quality jobs -- his 45-employee company does about 50 remodels a year, worth $4 million.Klein shares his hard-won business mettle through a lifetime of service to the Remodelors Council, the NAHB, and its educational arm, the Home Builders Institute. It's a testament to Klein, and to the company he's built.With a college degree in accounting but an affinity for sales and marketing, Klein entered IBM's training school. More

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