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To Beat the Competition, First Get to Know Them

Assessing competitors should be a regular, ongoing part of your business strategy. Here's why: Most businesses were built around a niche or advantage that the company founder perceived as missing from the marketplace, but you should never assume that your competitive advantages will be there forever. More

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Storm Work Builds Roofers Sales

Weather events can push a lot of business your way, but it's not necessarily going to be profitable unless your company's prepared to handle it. More

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A High-Performance Minnesota Home Has a HERS Index of Zero
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Before+After: Leading the Way

Remodelers are in the business of making dreams happen, not dashing hopes. But to... More

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DVDs Put Sales in Motion

That thin silver disc that just arrived in the mail tells your prospect everything you want them to know about your company. More

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Warranty Work Good For Business

Schafer Builders finds taking care of past customers is good for business. Marketing manager Faith Watson says the Crystal Lake, Ill., company has a written warranty policy for the first year. They send a letter to clients three months and 11 months after the project is complete to ask for updates. More

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