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Resources for Health Care Tax Credits

How will the small-business health care tax credit make a difference for you? We give you the resources to stay informed about health care reform developments in each state. More

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Point Media Advertising To Your Online Marketing

An Interview With Ron Sherman and Ron Jumper of Ron Sherman Productions More

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2011 Remodeling 550: Insurance Restoration List

Our annual list of the largest insurance restoration companies in the industry. More

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Pay Per Inquiry Stretches Your Media Dollars

Some media companies are willing to sell ads on a pay-per-performance basis. More

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Good-Bye 'Buy or Die'?

Jim Venable is president and CEO of Window Depot USA, a low-cost window replacement company headquartered in Little Rock, Ark. More

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DVDs Put Sales in Motion

That thin silver disc that just arrived in the mail tells your prospect everything you want them to know about your company. More

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Sales Turn On

Selling home improvement products and projects is an art, to some. Others might define it as a highly nuanced set of skills. The aim, of course, is to win the confidence of homeowners and close the sale. And like everything else today, home improvement selling is going high tech. More

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