Lakeland, FL

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Get Lead Ready: Lead Test Kit Options

Prepared lead test kits are one way to check out product options. We compare several kits and their contents. More

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Bus Advertising for Goff-Waller Roofing and Waller Emergency Services

Waller Emergency Services and Goff-Waller Roofing are on the move -- literally. In... More

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Working through the spanish-speaking language barrier

Five years ago, my company, Waller Construction, bought a roofing operation and set it up as an in-house division. At the time, almost all the roofing installers were Hispanic, and they spoke only Spanish. More

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Adding a roof along with an addition

Re-roofing the entire home when you build an addition is a smart proposal for you and your clients.Finding shingles to match is not a problem when Waller Construction, Lakeland, Fla., is building an addition. But if the roof has less than five years left in it, says secretary-treasurer Mark Pennington, "we strongly suggest they make the change, More

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