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Abstract Art with a Practical Purpose

Careful color blocking using glass tile not only gives this remodeled guest bath... More

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Commercial Remodeling: "Elegant Institution"

A university building gets some much needed care, restoring it to its former elegance. More

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2008 Remodeling Design Awards

Our team of judges pored over 340 entries in the 2008 Remodeling Design awards to... More

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REMODELING Names the Year's Top Remodeling Projects

From a modern kitchen that appears to have been surgically inserted into a Carpenter Gothic Victorian home in San Diego to a whimsical and sophisticated enclosed porch veranda on a home in North Carolina, 21 residential and light commercial remodeling projects have been honored as winners of the 24th annual REMODELING Design Awards, sponsored by REMODELING magazine. More

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Refer Madness

Could it be any easier for homeowners to find home improvement contractors? Only if the online referral industry maintains its current torrid growth rate. Having emerged in the 1990s and then largely imploded in the dot-com bust, this industry is back and bigger than ever. Hundreds of services exist today, from national behemoths that “match” contractors and consumers automatically to one-person companies that know every client by name. More

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