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Renovating for Multiple Generations? Beware of Surprise Needs

Families that want to stay together don't always want to stay together nonstop More

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Restoring Coca-Cola Co. Founder Asa Candler’s Early 1900s Mansion

Coca-Cola may be an institution, but the mansion built by the soft drink company's founder was crumbling. Its renovation and restoration won a Georgia team a Remodeling Design Award. More

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Increase Profits: Home Performance for the Long Haul

Instead of trying to create a separate business or division focusing on home performance, perhaps remodelers should incorporate the principles into all their work. If there are incentive programs that help offset some costs, thatís a nice bonus, but home performance remodeling can provide long-term benefits for everyone involved. More

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Use a Blueprint to Define Who You Are and What You Do

Atlanta Design & Build shares this blueprint for how the company re-branded itself. More

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What the Updated International Energy Conservation Code Means for You

The IECC has been updated and is sure to affect the remodeling industry. To what... More

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Moving Right Along: Keep Your Project on Schedule Regardless of a Client Dispute

How to manage complex customer disputes when a customer demands compensation. More

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Workplace Empowerment: Turn Your Company's Management Plan on Its Ear

Geoff Graham on how empowering your employees can have amazing results for you, them, and your business. More

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Leasing Office Space: Legal Considerations

If you decide it's time to lease commercial office space, here's what you need to consider. More

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Hire Education: Steps to Hiring Your First Employee

As your company grows, you will need to hire staff. We offer some tips from the... More

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