When you’re installing blocking, it’s more efficient to measure, mark, and cut all the pieces to length at once than handle them one at a time. Instead of trying to remember the lengths you need, write them down on one of the pieces.

In my last article, “Rules for Better Framing” (JLC Nov-Dec/23), I introduced some guidelines that are important to follow to be a good house framer. These were general concepts that apply to any complex job that is part of a larger, integrated project, and they were mostly aimed at the person managing the job. In this follow-up article, I summarize principles and habits that are necessary to adopt to be an efficient and valuable worker, whether a laborer or a highly skilled artisan. As in the previous article, these are general concepts that apply to any trade.

1. Make Every Move Count

Some workers always seem to be in a hurry, and others seem to saunter around a jobsite. Who is more efficient?

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