Clay DeKorne

Q: Our clients want us to install an EV charger in their garage, but the electricians we typically use are unfamiliar with EV charging and reluctant to take the job. Is this something an electrician can do or do we need to find a specialist?

A: Saul Berger, owner of Solar Now, a solar energy consulting firm based in Philadelphia, responds: This is something that any electrician who has wired an outlet for an electric stove or dryer can easily handle. Most electric-vehicle (EV) “chargers” come with plugs that conform to National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) specifications for 220-volt receptacles, as well as adapters that can connect the car to standard 110-volt service. (Note: While charging stations are called “chargers,” the charging is done by the car once it is connected to a proper outlet.) The higher the amperage, the faster the car will charge.

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