Our company not only installs trim and cabinetry but also focuses on bathroom and kitchen remodels ranging from cosmetic changes to complete renovations. Over the course of 15 years, we have installed $15,000 showers with full tile surrounds, mud floors, and copper pans, as well as $1,500, three-piece acrylic tub units. In the same time frame, a lot of new products have come onto the market.

On a recent project, we used one of those products. Instead of going with a traditional acrylic- or mud-floor tile shower, the owner opted for a cast shower floor. We selected one produced by Castico and ordered it through Home Depot.

We had several reasons for choosing this base. For starters, Castico offers multiple beautiful finishes and colors, including for the drain lid, which is provided with the unit. Bases are available with a right-side, left-side, or center drain. There are two texture options, both of which provide a slip-resistant walkable area. Budget was important on this project, and so the traditional approach using a plumber’s pan, mud floor, and tile install was cost prohibitive; the Castico shower floor eliminates not only certain materials but also some labor. The caveat is that the tolerances are tight for the area where it will be installed.

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