When a potential client calls Kirk Development Co.'s office, there isn't always a salesperson to handle the call. But rather than simply taking a name and number, the Phoenix company created two sales lead sheets to guide the call-taker and give the salesperson much-needed information. “We've always had a worksheet in one form or another,” says president Tom Sertich.

The call-taker completes the first form, getting vital information, including contact numbers and who referred the caller. “I also need to know what kind of job it is, so I can get it to the right salesperson,” Sertich says. The salesperson gets more details with the second form, such as proposed budget and time frame. “We need to find out if their expectations are realistic,” Sertich says. The salesperson also asks the homeowner if there are any upcoming parties or vacations planned. This helps Sertich keep the project on track.