HomeSource Builders, in Asheville, N.C., uses its client contact form to differentiate itself from less-professional remodelers. “The form itself exudes professionalism,” says president Tim Alexander. “If [prospects] take the time to fill out the form, they can see that we put a tremendous amount of thought into the questions and from those questions can see that we’re sincere about trying to get their project done.”

Available on the company’s website under the Contact Us tab, HomeSource Builders has specific forms for remodeling, new construction, and commercial projects.

“If people are serious about being contacted about a remodeling project, they don’t have objections to giving us information about it,” Alexander says. To make completing the form as quick and painless as possible, most questions allow the prospect to check boxes.

Completed forms go to Alexander, who follows up on extensive remodels and passes K&B projects to the in-house designer for follow-up. “We try to respond to [prospects] within 24 hours,” he says.

A. Mission Statement

The company includes its philosophy at the top of all its online submittal forms as another way of emphasizing its professionalism.

B. Project Types

HomeSource’s most popular projects right now are kitchens and baths, followed by basement finishing and outdoor spaces.

C. Client Goals

Company president Tim Alexander says most home­owners check off multiple boxes. “It gives us a better scope of the project,” he says.

D. Finding Focus

This section allows Alexander to learn more about the client’s focus. He says that although the economy has made homeowners more value-conscious, it’s tough to compete on price with unlicensed contractors. If a client checks one of the “service” boxes, Alexander knows they are a good fit. Asheville, N.C., is at the forefront of green building, but asking about green allows Alexander to gauge whether a homeowner just wants Energy Star appliances or more extensive green building.

E. Time Line

On a recent form, the homeowners noted that they want the project started in one to three months. Having this info on the form gives Alexander the opening to ask why and to get a better understanding of the circumstances. If the customer has a short time line on a complicated project, Alexander must educate them about the fact that the drawing and planning stage of a project can take several weeks to months to complete.