As part of a large home renovation project in the Castle Point section of Hoboken, N.J.—just across the Hudson River from New York City—our clients wanted to upgrade their small, urban backyard. While the project included new hardscaping, the centerpiece was an elevated deck from which to enjoy the home’s spectacular view of New York’s famous skyline. The new deck would replace a smaller one built many years ago that had a welded steel frame fabricated on site from mild steel with a low carbon content, and the project architect specced the new one to be built the same way. This was a type of deck construction we had not done before.

Unlike the majority of the rest of Hoboken where we typically work, which consists primarily of attached homes and brownstones, Castle Point is an area where the homes are primarily detached. This meant that there was a 3-foot-wide walkway for access to the backyard, a luxury for us because it meant we wouldn’t have to transport our demolition debris and new construction supplies through the house.

In addition to the deck, the project included a new stone-paver patio to replace the existing patio, which was made up of large cast-concrete pads. And, to reduce the effects of winter winds emanating off the Hudson River, we were asked to replace the back door leading out onto the deck and a pair of windows on the back façade.

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