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Geometry for Carpenters

A few simple geometric principles can go a long way towards solving some complex... More

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Should We Be Building Decks With Oversized Framing?

Why “up-sizing” deck joists to exceed code requirements is a waste of your... More

Tags: Framing, IRC, Decks
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Repairing a Termite-Damaged House

Fixing the trail of destruction left by these hungry critters is a team effort. More

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A Better Rainscreen for Cedar Shingle Roofs

Roofing contractor Chris Yerkes makes the case for using Ventgrid12 plastic panels... More

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How to Grout a Natural Stone Pebble Shower Floor

Tile pro Tom Meehan recommends giving the floor more pitch and filling the joints... More

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Running a Bath Fan Exhaust Through Metal Roofing

A clean way to vent a bath fan through exposed-fastener metal roofing or any other... More

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Rock-Solid Stair Posts

Discover Mike Guertin's secret for reinforcing the structural connections More

The Transformative Power of a Front Porch

Intended to make the front entry more functional, this porch also gave a... More

Right-Sizing Deck Joists

Mike Guertin deciphers the ‘Maximum Deck Joist Span’ table in the 2021 IRC. More

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Installing Base Cabinets in Out-of-Level Kitchens

Doug Horgan looks at a variety of options to "correct" out-of-whack floors during... More

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