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  • Esther Sperber, AIA

Firm Description

Studio ST Architects, a woman-owned, full-service architecture firm based in Manhattan, is dedicated to exploring the embedded logics of materials and structures to generate new spatial experiences.

The firm employs a design approach that is simultaneously personal and collaborative, providing innovative and responsible design solutions on projects ranging from synagogues and community centers to high-end apartments and low budget real-estate developments.

Embracing collaboration with the field of psychoanalysis, Studio ST Architects strives to develop designs that capture the unique aspirations and needs of clients and users to improve the places where they live, learn and worship.


  1. Central Park West Penthouse

    Central Park West Penthouse

    New York, NY

  2. Riverside Drive Apartment

    Riverside Drive Apartment

    New York, NY

  3. 36 Jones Street

    36 Jones Street

    Jersey City, NJ

  4. Award Winning Skokie Valley Synagogue

    Skokie Valley Synagogue

    Skokie, IL

  5. Ansche Chesed Synagogue

    Ansche Chesed Synagogue

    New York, NY

  6. MicroPolis


    New York, NY

  7. School Reopening Case Study - SAR

    School Reopening Case Study - SAR

    New York, NY

  8. NYC Apartment Combination

    NYC Apartment Combination

    New York

  9. Pink and  White Home

    Pink and White Home

    New York

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