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Neal Schwartz

Firm Description

SaA fosters a critical practice through built work. While some projects remain speculative, our focus is always on the promise of the constructed artifact as the most potent test of the full complexity of architecture. This focus on building requires us to be equally creative and strategic, drawing into our sphere of responsibility both more abstract explorations of movement, light, and space, as well as tangible forces that define architectural production today.

While we pride ourselves on the creative — architectural solutions of clarity, economy, and grace –, our lens is always through the pragmatics of a client's needs. This includes the exigencies of budget, schedule, code interpretation, permitting, community review, fabrication methods, and construction techniques. In fact, negotiating these often competing, real-world demands inspires our creativity. Each affects the final form and content of the work; each is fodder for design.

We are committed to a highly interactive and individualized design process with our clients. We thrive on this engagement and expect that the result of our work together will always yield something that exceeds all of our initial expectations. The studio is a collaborative one and we are all first and foremost passionate designers; an enthusiasm we gladly share.



  1. Award Winning Modern Simplicity in Bathroom Design

    Modern Simplicity in Bathroom Design

    San Francisco, Calif.

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