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  • 1010 Wayne Avenue
    Suite 330

    Silver Spring, MD 20910



Amy Gardner & Cheryl Mohr

Firm Description

Inspired by a shared interest in sustainable design and artfully crafted buildings, we established Gardner Mohr Architects in 2003. We bring to our practice a detail-oriented approach to building design, developed over two decades of professional practice working on a range of projects from large scale commercial and institutional buildings to private homes in Washington DC and the surrounding region.

The focus of our practice is residential architecture. Whether a project involves a renovation, an addition to an existing building or new construction, we offer full service architectural design services at a highly personalized level. Our clients are central to the design process and we keep them continuously involved. Our approach is to foster a team approach in which all team members — architect, engineers, contractor and owner, — are present from the beginning in order to make critical decisions about materials, systems, and building technologies which form the basis for the design. We believe that this approach creates architecture which is integrated, holistic and innovative, while at the same time considerate of its environmental impact.


  1. Award Winning Merit Award, Whole-House Remodeling: A Great Transition

    Merit Award, Whole-House Remodeling: A Great Transition

    Bethesda, MD

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