Buckminster Green

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  • 958 North 5th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19123-1402


Firm Description

Buckminster Green is a general contracting company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania specializing in green home remodeling. We believe in an ongoing conversation between contractor and homeowner. We believe there is a green answer to every question. We customize each project to our client’s priorities, focusing on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, recycled content materials, and other green benchmarks.

At Buckminster Green we are committed to helping people make affordable green choices as they renovate and build. Remodeling city homes presents unique challenges and exciting opportunities for incorporating green principles. At Buckminster Green we work in Philadelphia homes every day. We live in the city and love the city. We know the green materials and design ideas that will bring your house up to date while respecting its history.



  1. Award Winning Affordable, Stylish Bathroom Remodel

    Affordable, Stylish Bathroom Remodel


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