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  • 6255 W. Sunset Boulevard, Suite 920
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    Andrea Klabanova
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Firm Description

Since its founding, Assembledge+ has been pursuing an architecture that is driven by a commitment to collaboration and craftsmanship with the goal of creating enduring environments that are user-focused, innovative and sustainable.

We believe in the art of collaboration. The name Assembledge+ was deliberately chosen to convey the firm’s passion for “assembling” all the often-complex elements of the design process in order to produce an architecture that is precise, considered, and placed firmly on the leading edge of contemporary discourse. The + signifies an approach that looks at the whole as an inextricable combination of interrelated parts as we continue searching for better, more efficient, and innovative ways to construct modern living and working environments. In the spirit of this approach, we consistently challenge traditional limitations as to what can be achieved within typical constraints and use new technologies, materials and contemporary building techniques in the creation of an architecture that not only meets practical requirements but also inspires.

Steeped in the history and continuing innovation of modern design, Assembledge+ shares a deep passion for contemporary world architecture and its execution in the temperate Southern California climate. The firm strives to provide a unique architectural response to each project paying careful attention to the context; both the site itself as well as the neighboring community. Following in the tradition of Southern California modernist design, Assembledge+ creates elegant and seamless connections between indoor and outdoor spaces extending daily living into nature and supporting our efforts to design responsibly and sustainably.

Assembledge+ practices an architecture of pragmatic response, whereby each project is approached as a blank slate. Our design process begins with a thorough analysis of the site, discussions with the client to establish a program that addresses their needs, both of which form the basis of the initial design. Each design decision integrates aesthetic and contextual imperatives with those of environment, materials, community, sustainability, program, economy, technology, and construction techniques. As an award-winning firm, at Assembledge+ we constantly strive to assemble all the project components into a holistic direction that ultimately creates architecture that exemplifies a harmony between nature and the built environment but perhaps most importantly, creates human environments that support and nourish the people who occupy our buildings.


  1. Beverly Grove Residence

    Beverly Grove Residence

    Beverly Hills, CA

  2. Cactus Club Cafe - Coquitlam Centre

    Cactus Club Cafe - Coquitlam Centre

    Coquitlam, BC, CANADA

  3. St. Andrews ADU and Addition

    St. Andrews ADU and Addition

    Los Angeles, CA

  4. Phelps Residence

    Phelps Residence

    Huntington Beach, CA

  5. Cactus Club Cafe - Sherway Gardens

    Cactus Club Cafe - Sherway Gardens

    Toronto, ON, CANADA

  6. AETHER Apparel Flagship Store

    AETHER Apparel Flagship Store

    Los Angeles, CA

  7. Award Winning AETHER Apparel Headquarters

    AETHER Apparel Headquarters

    Los Angeles, CA

  8. Cactus Club Cafe - Station Square

    Cactus Club Cafe - Station Square

    Burnaby, BC, CANADA

  9. Stephenson House

    Stephenson House

    Washington D.C., DC

  10. Award Winning Wonderland Park Residence

    Wonderland Park Residence

    Los Angeles , CA

  11. Award Winning Laurel Hills Residence

    Laurel Hills Residence

    Studio City, CA

  12. King Taps

    King Taps

    Toronto, ON, CANADA

  13. Award Winning Oakdell Residence

    Oakdell Residence

    Studio City, CA

  14. Award Winning Dynamic Update to a 1950s Warehouse

    Dynamic Update to a 1950s Warehouse

    Los Angeles, CA

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