Valued Readers of Cost vs. Value 2016,

After posting the results of the 2016 Cost vs. Value study, it became apparent that the siding category would require further review.

In its original format, the siding project category included four sub-categories: vinyl, foam backed vinyl, fiber cement and engineered. Cost vs. Value is meant expressly to measure a real estate professional’s perception of the ROI on the most popular remodeling and replacement projects. It is our belief that the increasingly complex number of siding projects available has made it difficult for real estate professionals to precisely distinguish among the options.

As a result of the confusion we believe to be associated with siding sub-categories, we are restating the siding project report as one aggregate report, as we do with other projects. The aggregate view removes all confusion with projects and the list of sub-categories.

In conjunction with The Farnsworth Group, we are restating as follows:

Respondents provided an average cost of all siding projects in all markets of $14,100. The average value of all siding projects in all markets was $10,857. The total ROI for all siding projects in all markets was 77.0%.

Our goal is to provide the most meaningful ROI-based tool for professionals to utilize when working with homeowners on their remodeling and replacement projects. We believe the aggregate view of the siding market to be the most accurate way of providing that information for 2016.

My sincere thanks for your time and use of Cost vs. Value.

Dave ColfordPresident
Hanley Wood Media