Why do I have to register again?
You only have to register once. If you have already registered but are being prompted to register again, it could be that you're using a different computer. Or your Internet browser's privacy settings may not permit the use of "cookies" on your computer. A "cookie" is a small, harmless file that enables a Web site to "recognize" your computer -- it's what keeps you from having to register again.

To find out how to check or change your privacy settings, click the HELP button on your browser menu and search on "cookie." If you continue to have trouble, contact your network administrator.

Why can’t I open the downloaded file?
The City Report is a PDF file. To open any PDF, Adobe Reader® or Acrobat® must be installed on your computer. To download a free copy of Adobe Reader® click here.

I can't find the city I downloaded. Where is it?
There are several possible explanations.

You must complete the registration page. Be sure all required fields area complete and you have clicked the submit button.

You must click to initiate the download – it doesn’t start automatically. The link that starts the download appears on a new page after you submit your registration.

You might not have saved the PDF file. When you click to download the city PDF, a dialogue box opens that offers three choices: open, save, cancel.

If you choose cancel, the download does not occur.

If you choose open, the PDF is downloaded and displayed in Adobe Reader. But the file is not saved to your computer – you must do this manually. (If it won’t display, you may need to load Adobe reader. See "Why can’t I open the downloaded file?" above.)

If you choose save, another dialogue box opens allowing you to rename the file and to select the folder in which to save the file. But once the file is saved, the dialogue box disappears and you must open the PDF from the folder in which you saved it. (Another option is to click the city download link again and choose open.)

It could be that the file was inadvertently erased or overwritten by your computer. In that case you will have to download the PDF again (but you shouldn’t have to re-register).

Still having problems?
Since the Cost vs Value Report is free, you might simply want to re-register and download the city data again. If problems persist, send an email to [email protected]. Include the name of the city you are attempting to download and a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing. You may also leave a detailed message at 802-879-3335 x174.