Adobe Stock / weerasak
Adobe Stock / weerasak

Vector Solutions brand RedVector/Convergence Training is launching a virtual reality (VR) ladder-safety training experience to help businesses and employees fight falls, according to a news release from the company. The OSHA Portable Ladder Safety experience will operate on Oculus Go and mobile devices, including Android and Apple products, and use a story-based approach to emphasize the emotional elements of decision-making, according to Vector Solutions.

The user is tasked with reaching a 20-foot elevated landing while using OSHA’s height and pitch requirements for placing the portable ladder in a way that maximizes its strength and stability. The scenario then evaluates whether the learner made the right decision and gives them the opportunity to see the consequences of each choice.

This ladder safety training meets OSHA’s 1926.1060 safety requirement for construction-stairways and ladders, which states that employers will provide a training program for employees who use ladders and stairways that will enable them to recognize and minimize related hazards.

Falls are one of the leading causes of occupational injuries and fatalities across a number of industries, including construction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ladders caused 836 work-related fatal injuries between 2011 and 2016. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports 81% of fall injuries among construction workers treated in 2011 were caused by ladders.

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