A Utah contractor says he was approached by a client wanting to build a secret, soundproof room earlier this year, Deseret News Utah reports. The potential client also wanted to know if the contractor could anchor hooks high onto the concrete wall in the project. Brian Wolf said he was made uncomfortable and uneasy about the request and declined to perform the project. When Wolf was listening to details surrounding the murder of a University of Utah student, he noticed similarities between the job request he turned down.

As he listened to the details of the murder investigation, Wolf realized the “person of interest” and owner of the home was the same man who'd asked him to customize a "hollowed out area under the front porch" into a soundproof, secret and secure room three months ago.

He called the plumber who'd referred the homeowner to him, and the plumber confirmed that's the house where they'd both been commissioned to do repair and remodel work in April. Wolf showed the Deseret News the text messages he exchanged with homeowner. The homeowner was arrested for investigation of aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping, abuse or desecration of a dead human body and obstruction of justice Friday morning and was being held without bail at the Salt Lake County Jail.

He said a lot of people ask for a secret room, which is fairly easy to build. But it was the details that made the owner of Top to Bottom (formerly Wolf Home Repairs) more and more uneasy.

"Then the soundproofing came in and the … fingerprint thumb lock (keypad) thing, and then he was adamant about telling me that money was no (object) and he wanted it done as soon as possible," Wolf said. "It just got weirder and weirder, the more he was talking to me."

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