Photo by Andalee Powers, DBS Remodel

In a previous article, “Becoming the Company Your Clients Want,” (Jun/23), I discussed reasons that client feedback should be one of the most valuable resources for your company. That article outlined the urgency to build great value, especially during the sales process. We are constantly challenged to close the gap between the number that we must sell a project for and the number our clients want to pay—particularly now as costs continue to rise, and it becomes more and more expensive to be in the remodeling business.

Over the years, my company has managed to close that “price gap” through obtaining client feedback, taking the resulting data, and integrating it into every facet of our business operations. Simply put, properly incorporating feedback from our clients has led to improvements in our customer service. Better customer service has led to greater value, and greater value has increased our bottom line. In this article, I’ll explain in more detail how to obtain feedback, how to process it, and how to use it to boost your bottom line.

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