President-elect Trump's victory in the election on Tuesday left many Americans shocked. REMODELING reached to remodelers across the nation to learn not only how our readers feel about Trump's win, but also their predictions for how Trump's administration will impact the economy and different facets of the construction industry, from the workforce to green building.

Feedback from our readers ran the gamut from excitement to concern. Below, you will find just a few of the responses we received.

Initial Reactions:
"Shock, embarrassment, despair." - Anonymous (1), Columbus, Ohio

"Very excited." - Chris, CJ's Finish Carpentry; Boston

"Overjoyed." - Jim Hughes, Building Ventures, Inc.; Cartersville, Ga.

"Dismay, economic uncertainty." - Kimber, Kiva Construction, Inc.; Colorado Springs, Colo.

Economic Impact and Impact on Small Businesses:
"This administration will be built around business people, not bureaucrats; 8% of the present administration have ever had any business experience. Look what that has gotten us." - Paul Knopp, Knopp Construction, Inc.; Rockford, Ill.

"Infrastructure spending and lower taxes will be positive for small businesses. Amendments to or abolishment of NAFTA, TPP, the ACA, etc. maybe be harmful. Deportations of immigrants will be very negative for small businesses...particularly in the construction industry." - Michael Winn, WINN Design+Build, Falls Church, Va.

"I think his friends and the people he wants to impress are big business. Small businesses that compete with a large or national brand will be squeezed." - John R., CGI; Rochester, N.Y.

"As a business owner, I look forward to a future of renewed priority on domestic job creation and infrastructure development. It is important to remember that when the American people work, they pay taxes to fund numerous government programs." - Anonymous; Glen Allen, Va.

"If he does what he said, I think our business will triple in volume over the next three years and beyond." - Chris of CJ's Finish Carpentry

"I fear the uncertainty generated by the election will persist into Trump's presidency. We believe the uncertainty/preoccupation with the election has hurt sales." - Anonymous (1), Columbus, Ohio

"He will likely cause an economic downturn; small businesses will suffer." - Kimber, Kiva Construction Inc.

"I believe there will be a positive impact for businesses being that this is Trump's strong asset that he is bringing to office." - Tara Dawn, Opal Enterprises Inc.; Naperville, Ill.

"I don't think we'll feel much, if any, effect as a small business. I do not think the economy will benefit from his presidency and if there is any short term benefit, it will be at the expense of future generations' environmental future." - Stephen Shoup, building Lab; Oakland, Ca.

Labor Impact:
"If anybody understands the needs of the labor force it's Donald Trump. He deals with this daily and cares about their welfare." - Chuck Carlo, Monte Carlo Building and Renovations; N.C.

"I think the economy will be worse. I also think businesses will lobby successfully to stop any federal minimum wage raises. If he ships out foreign workers, there will be labor shortages in construction and agriculture." - John R.

"We need better education for workers, [which is] probably not on his agenda" - Kimber, Kiva Construction, Inc.

"A lot less than the mainstream media is preaching." - Mitch Speck, Specktacular Home Remodeling; Sandy, Ore.

"I think he will encourage more training schools for younger folks to get training and prepare to enter the field. In our area, it is difficult to find labor that is not Hispanic. If he were to deport them, we would have an extreme labor shortage and the cost to build or remodel would rise dramatically." - Jim Hughes

"Tightening labor market (as long as we don't head into recession)." - Anonymous (1), Columbus, Ohio

"Because so much of our industry's labor force is Hispanic and Latino, I suspect his policies will further aggravate an already stressed labor market." - Stephen Shoup

Green/Sustainable Building Impact:
"A Trump administration is unlikely to support tax credits for sustainable building products which may tamper consumer demand; however, the industry itself will continue to support and grow green building practices." - Michael Winn

"The market will take care of green building and not through legislation." - Chris, CJ's Finish Carpentry

"People want green building practices. The government doesn't because of the lobbyist money. They will turn a blind eye." - Anonymous (2), Columbus, Ohio

"To date, Donald Trump has demonstrated shocking misinformation on the importance and cause of climate change and seems to have no regard for the environment." - Anonymous; Columbus, Ohio

"I think he will continue to work towards energy [efficient standards] that are realistic and achievable. Realistic energy conservation coupled with continued improvements in materials will allow consumers great energy savings." - Jim Hughes

"If anything, I think they will become more expensive as his policies will discourage their development." - Stephen Shoup

Construction Regulations Impact:
"I think he will severely hamper OSHA and EPA to cut building costs for the benefit of his business." - Anonymous, North Branford, Conn.

"I think some onerous regs will be removed and realistic safety regs will be kept. I do not think there will be a wholesale reduction in safety requirements." - Jim Hughes

"No money in it for him to change anything. We are pretty low on the pecking order." - Anonymous (2); Columbus, Ohio

"Hopefully regulations will continue to have the safety of workers in mind, without all of the "red tape" nonsense." - Tara Dawn

Additional Thoughts:
"I think Mr. Trump will apply his experience and business knowledge to get our country back toward solvency. And though his resolve will be severely tested, he will persevere and improve our international and military positions. With that, our economy will improve and remodeling will be in demand." - Anonymous, Schmid Construction; Los Angeles

"The executive branch, as the name implies, is just that; one of three branches. While the office of President has significant influence in our system, our founding fathers looked ahead and installed a system of checks and balances. Regardless of the candidates any individual voted for, my hope is that those of us not directly involved in governing, will be proactive and voice both concerns and support for the local, state, and federal officials we elected to their respective offices. Do you want a better and stable nation? Do something positive to contribute!" - Mitch Speck

"A president is a president and limited effect on what goes on at our level. There will likely to be a limited effect on the local Washington DC area, beyond that the president doesn’t matter." - Mark Scott, Mark IV Builders; Cabin John, Md.

"I am actually excited to have some fresh ideas come into play. Small businesses are simply amazing and we need to be represented and cared for, for the sake of our economy!" - Tara Dawn

"Join in - don't sit back and be apathetic because this wasn't your choice. Do you think because you because you spent a lot of time on a beautiful design and proposal you are 'owed' that project? That has become the attitude of a growing part of our population. We started our own businesses (and country) because we are independent hard working people ... CHANGE IS UP TO US." - JB, renovationPLUS; Indianapolis

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