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Technology continues to play a major role in our daily lives, and it is also set to play a larger role in our homes. From appliances to helpful electronic devices to temperature control, technology is making inroads in the home products sector. As consumers become more familiar with the types of aid automation can provide in their home, they will likely demand smart home automation at higher rates. Fox Business highlights several key categories of smart home automation where product development is growing at a rapid rate.

Smart Lights
Fumbling for a light switch in the middle of the night is a frustration most people can relate to. However, with a smart light system installed, a room or whole house can be brightened with the simple tap of a smartphone button, wireless switcher or voice command.

Smart AC and Fans
For individuals who live in extremely hot locales, having a reliable cooling system is of utmost importance for comfy living. Smart air conditioners and fans allow users to activate cooling over wide distances via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so entering a stifling room can be a thing of the past.

Smart Thermostats
Avoid having a room be too warm or cold with an intuitive and precise smart thermostat. Utilizing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and voice assistant connectivity, a smart thermostat monitors and adapts to a household’s temperature preferences while also allowing for instant adjustment when need be—all of which can be done when you’re not in the room or are at a distance doing other tasks.

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