Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock
Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock

Often perceived as a luxury project, window tinting can bring multiple benefits that improve a homeowner's quality of life and budget. Buildertrend outlines how window tinting can provide solutions to many common problems experienced by homeowners and highlights how technological improvements have made the project a more feasible option for many homeowners. Educating customers about window tinting could sell them on the idea of including it in their next renovation project.

You may want to educate your customer about residential window tinting if you’ve ever heard them say one (or all) of the following:

  • “My energy bill is too high.” Window tinting can lower energy costs. The insulating effect provided by the film prevents heat and cold from escaping their house. The savings will vary depending on factors such as the size of the home, the age and condition of the windows, and what part of the country they live in. For example, the warmer the climate and the older the home, the bigger the savings.
  • “This room is too hot to use during the summer.” In addition to saving energy costs, tinting windows can also make a home more comfortable by reducing the heat and the glare of the sun’s rays. Balanced temperatures mean rooms can be used any time, no matter how much the sun shines.
  • “The sunlight in this room is fading my furniture.” If your customer is noticing negative effects of sun exposure on their furniture or hardwood floors, tinted windows can help. From brands like 3M, Llumar and many more, the estimated UV reduction on most window films is about 99%. This means tinted glass can almost completely eliminate harmful rays from the sun and protect their belongings.
  • “We never open the blinds because we like our privacy.” So, your customer likes their privacy? No problem. Certain shades of tinted film can prevent others from seeing into their home behind the glass.
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