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Your clients count on you to be an expert in remodeling and provide suggestions for smart ways to add value to their project, Victoria Downing writes for Remodelers Advantage. Anything as simple as a slight design change or product upgrade should be communicated with owners if the move can increase total investment.

By sharing your expertise and presenting alternatives in design and products, you'll allow your clients to understand more about the possibilities that exist to improve their home. At the same time, this "upselling" will increase the overall price of the project, delivering greater profits for you and your company.

While some clients may give a hard budget that is not to be exceeded early in the project, they may be persuaded to adjust if you present the right options, Downing argues. Downing includes an anecdote about her experience at a drywall manufacturer and how it taught her about much greater product differentiation than she knew existed in the drywall market. This example can be used by remodelers to learn about the possibilities afforded by greater product knowledge.

The more you know about innovative products, the better the expert suggestions you can provide while easily demonstrating how you and your company are far superior to others. While you can't know everything about every product, you can and should be familiar with the full product line from your favorite manufacturer.

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