Standing seam metal roof

Sustainability is becoming a growing point of emphasis for American homeowners. As the home improvement industry continues to grow, several market reports suggest the demand for more sustainable living and sustainable homes is a chief driver of this growth, according to Blue and Green Tomorrow.

Sustainability is a growing concern to countless Americans. Global News Wire writes that the home repair industry will grow to $1.2 billion within the next six years. One of the biggest reasons for this growth is the demand for more sustainable home improvements. Sustainable roofing is one of the biggest changes.

At some points, many homeowners have to replace their roofs. Heat, rain, cold, snow, and sometimes the wind, hail, and sleet affect the material of the roof. Most people, look for roofing material that are affordable, durable, and most importantly, environmentally friendly.

The market for environmentally friendly solutions is growing at a surprising clip. MarketWatch published a study showing that the demand for sustainability has caused home improvement sales to grow by 4% a year. There are many eco-friendly options to select from depending on material, preference, cost, and design.

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