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Homeowners across the country have been highly active in renovation and remodeling projects and plan to complete more in the next two years, according to a survey released by kitchen and bath specialty retailer Hausera. Hausera's "The Truth about Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations" survey found eight in 10 homeowners renovated a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room in the past two years and 60% of homeowners have specific plans to conduct more renovations in the next two years.

Budgets and Motivators

According to the survey, homeowners spent an average of $12,800 on kitchen renovation projects, $11,100 on bathroom projects, and $10,800 on laundry room remodels. Respondents in urban areas were most active in renovation projects compared with suburban and rural homeowners. Homeowners indicated lifestyle changes, such as changing family size, or the need for accommodations due to disabilities or aging household members were the primary drivers of renovation projects. Increasing property value before selling and improving functionality of spaces were also popular motivators for remodeling activity, according to Hausera.

Style and Products

More than half of homeowner respondents identified modern as their ideal style for their renovated kitchen and bathroom. Around three in 10 identified contemporary, traditional, and eclectic as ideal styles. Around one half of respondents also said they plan to buy smart, internet-connected products for their kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms in the next year. Smart lighting, hands-free faucets, and WiFi-enabled refrigerators are the three items that top a majority of respondents' smart product wish lists. Homeowners also desire green products, such as energy-efficient lighting and dishwashers and water-conserving shower heads, toilets, and faucets, in their kitchen and bath renovations.

The Need for Professional Help

Nearly seven in 10 respondents reported hiring design/build professionals for their kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room renovation and nearly six in 10 hired a contractor for their projects. The survey found homeowners between the ages of 18 and 30 were much more likely to hire a design/build professional than homeowners older than 51. Around three-quarters of respondents in the 18-to-30 age cohort hired a professional compared with 51% of respondents older than 51.

Professional portfolios showing examples of past projects were most important for homeowners searching for professionals. Respondents also placed high value on recommendations from friends and family and online ratings and reviews when choosing design/build professionals for their renovations.

Major Challenges

Respondents reported staying on budget and finding the right professionals were the top challenges for their projects. Across all age groups, homeowners cited staying on budget, finding the right professionals, and funding as the most frequent challenges in projects. All respondents except the 18-to-30 age cohort said staying on budget was the top challenge. For that age cohort, finding the right professional was reported as the top challenge for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room renovation projects.

"The Truth about Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations" survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Hausera with the goal of uncovering facts, trends, and challenges about kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room renovation projects. The survey results compiled the responses from 1,000 U.S. homeowners received between July 25 and August 6.