Courtesy Knaack Mfg.

Knaack Mfg. Available in six models constructed of 7-gauge steel, the Storagemaster HD heavy-duty rolling workbench keeps valuable tools safe and secure. The unit's Watchman IV single-lock deadbolt system features a recessed lock housing, inaccessible by bolt cutters, pry bars, or hacksaws. Able to manage a load capacity of 2,700 pounds and a drawer capacity up to 100 pounds, the product features a welded 12-gauge steel shelf. Heavy-duty 6-inch caster wheel sets with brakes are also included. 800.456.7865.

Courtesy Delta

Delta. Offering protection against theft and weather threats is the new line of JOBOX High-Security Crossover and Inner Side Boxes. The cross-bed and side-wall–mounting models feature the Gear-Lock II dual rotary locking system with self-adjusting rotary gears that clamp onto the lid striker with 360-degree engagement, ratcheting the lid down tightly. The lid striker can't be bent or pried out and the strong seal also serves as a barrier against moisture and dust. Single- and dual-lid versions are available in steel and aluminum, and cover a full range of sizes. 800.643.0084.

Courtesy Bon Tool

Bon Tool. Water-repellent, wear-resistant BonDura nylon makes this mason's bag, resistant to punctures and tears. Three exterior pouches hold twigs, pins, or line blocks, and elastic straps carry a level along the length of the bag. The internal steel frame holds the bag open for easy access. 724.443.7080.

Courtesy Custom LeatherCraft

Custom LeatherCraft. Sporting a patent-pending tray storage system recessed on top for easy access to small parts, the 18-inch tote bag with top plastic tray features more storage than other bags in its category, the maker says. Six large exterior pockets, 12 interior pockets, and two additional zipper pockets keep bulky tools, fasteners, and other items in easy reach. Improved features include a stronger external elastic strap for a level or blueprints, as well as ia heavy-duty tape clip and carabiner. A padded shoulder strap and rubber feet provide comfort and stability. 800.325.0455.

Courtesy Ideal Industries

Ideal Industries. Feel like you're working in the great outdoors as you construct the great indoors with the help of the new Camouflage Tote. Made of tearresistant nylon polyester and rivet-reinforced for durability, the line features a leafy camouflage pattern and is available in all popular shapes and sizes, including the BucketBag designed to fit over a 5-gallon bucket. Features include tops that open completely for easy access to large tools, zipper closures to prevent tool loss, reinforced bottoms for durability and carrying ease, and removable shoulder straps. 800.435.0705.

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