Remodeling contractors are busy, with many company owners reporting they are as busy as they've ever have been.

So what happens? The owner, often the salesperson, is beyond maxed out. More leads than ever are coming in. Several of these leads are from past clients who want small jobs done, something the company does not have the time to do right now.

The owner’s response to the growing pile of lead intake sheets on his desk is to try to ignore them while feeling terrible. Why does he feel terrible? Because the people who called to say they are interested in the company’s services are not being called back.

Why does the owner not call them? Because he cannot give the leads the attention he feels they want as soon as he thinks they want it. So, he is a mind-reader? No. The real problem is most owners are people pleasers and make uninformed guesses about what a lead wants all the time, with the owner usually guessing that the lead needs immediate attention when that is often not the case.

What does the lead really want sooner rather than later? Just to be called back! Nothing more is expected, at least for the short term. 

But if the owner is so busy what can he tell the lead? The owner needs to tell the lead that he is blessed with being busy. Next the owner needs to ask when the owner can schedule a call with the lead at a date when the owner has time to really pay attention to the lead. That's it. 

Feeling blessed with too many leads coming in? Try the above and feel a lot of the weight of the world come off your shoulders!