With Superman, it’s kryptonite. With lots of remodelers, it’s sales and marketing. It’s the same kind of fatal weakness: You might be able to perform superhero tasks with a saw and hammer, but if you can’t promote yourself and close deals, well, you might as well retire to the Fortress of Solitude. 

For our February cover feature, we asked industry experts to provide their go-to tips for taking your sales and marketing strategy to the next level. But before we spill all of their secrets on Feb. 23, we're unleashing a new superpower everyday this week. Read on for advice designed to take your sales and marketing savvy to superhero status.

Sales and Marketing Superpower #4: Customer Service

Sure, you can deliver service with a smile, but should you still sport that grin when a client dishes out constant complaints? Or what about when that same client points to a competitor's lower prices? Gaining referrals and generating positive feedback is largely dependent on your clients' satisfaction, so it's important to make a solid impression. Check out the articles below for tips on how to improve your customer service.