Every industry and profession goes through changes, and the sales profession is no different. Just because a certain sales technique or mind-set worked in the past doesn't mean it will work today.

To be a top-performing salesperson, you must continually adapt to both market and social conditions. With that in mind, here are three business trends.

Trend No. 1: Technology is changing the future, your customers' behaviors, and your company's reality. If you don't change with it, you'll be left behind. As a salesperson, you need to embrace technology. Spend some time thinking about the changes that are having an impact on you and your customers.

Trend No. 2: The world has become more complex, with much more for people to do with their time. The last thing you want to do is seem like you're taking up someone's time. Have processes in place that prove you're a time-saver, and people will choose you over the competition every time.

Trend No. 3: Communication is more valuable than information. If you aren't creating dynamic dialogues, then you're really just giving information. Listen, speak, and create dialogue. Only then do you truly capture your prospects' interest and convert them into paying clients.

Daniel Burrus is CEO of Burrus Research and the author of six books including Technotrends: How to Use Technology to Go Beyond Your Competition.