Every Monday, the sales and design teams at Kiernan Remodeling + Design, in Bradenton, Fla., meet to discuss their upcoming sales appointments for the week. Every attendee at the meeting comes armed with this Pipeline Report, which details project leads that are at various stages of the sales process.

“This form allows us to maintain a handle on all of our pre-contract projects and to collect that information in one centralized location,” says company owner Ben Deprenger. The report provides a quick reference guide for the sales team, outlining which jobs are in the design phase, which are likely to soon move to design, and which are not yet more than pre-qualified leads.

At each meeting, the team assesses the last “action” taken with regard to a particular job, determines what the next step in the sales process will be, and sets a deadline by which time that action should be accomplished.

“The report lets everyone know exactly what they’re responsible for,” Deprenger says. “It’s a simple, clean way to manage our pipeline.” —Chris Keimig