You’re proud of the work you do, but it can be tough to find enough opportunities to keep you and your team busy. The key to keeping a full schedule lies in generating good leads, not just names. Read on for simple ways to generate more prospects and great leads.

Ask the homeowner you’re working with to post pictures of the project on social media. “Like” their photos and politely respond to the pictures they post. Other people they’re connected with will see your comments and be more likely to look to you for any projects they might have.

When starting a new project, visit each home for several hundred yards around the jobsite. Your objective is to introduce yourself and let them know that you will have some trucks in the neighborhood, but your goal is to not disrupt anything. Give them your card and, after completing the project, go back to each of the homes to thank them for their cooperation.

At the end of the year, call each homeowner you’ve worked with over the past five years and thank them again. You’ll be amazed at the positive comments you’ll hear. Don’t hesitate to ask them if they have more work to be done or know somebody else who might.

Make sure that you have a sign with your phone number and website in the front yard for the entire time you’re working on a project. Your objective is to have the homeowner see the sign as a way for anyone to contact you, should there be a reason due to safety or security. Your bigger opportunity is people will see it and visit your website.

Give each of your employees a $10 gift card for each referral they give you and a $100 gift card each time the referral works out. Some of your best opportunities for referrals are the people who work with you closely.