Michael Klein

Upgrading from a “fairly simple” website to one that is actively generating leads “has driven a lot of business to us,” says Brian Ciota, vice president of McClurg Remodeling & Construction Services, in Marcellus, N.Y. “We have continued to invest more money into it because it’s been so successful,” he adds.

McClurg Remodeling’s marketing company helped it develop a website using HubSpot software to analyze the site from a marketing perspective and to help increase search engine optimization and track leads and number of users. “I can get into the back end of the website and see everything that has happened, see what pages people have gone on, and what keywords are doing well,” Ciota says.

Inbound Strategy

McClurg Remodeling’s marketing consultant, Inbound Marketing Associates’ Stephen Hoefer, in Manlius, N.Y., helps his remodeling company clients create content to attract the right audience. He says that the company’s new site — part of an “inbound marketing” strategy — focuses on helping consumers research issues, such as a home renovation need.

So, in addition to the McClurg Remodeling site’s project gallery, personnel biographies, and community projects page, which tell potential clients a lot about the remodeler, consumers who visit the site can go deeper and click on an “action” button for additional information. For example, users can access a guide on how to hire a contractor, but they must provide their name and e-mail address first.

The company then contacts these site visitors via e-mail with focused follow-up information based on their interests, Hoefer says, which helps nurture these prospects into customers.

Key Component

HubSpot’s analytics are based on an inbound marketing strategy. “If we didn’t have HubSpot, we could do this, but we would have to do it with eight to 10 different [types of] software,” Hoefer says.

Ciota updates the site through the HubSpot portal, noting that “having that kind of control has helped us make our website better and more effective.” The remodeler can track the leads that are converted into customers, and “the site is now one of the most important marketing vehicles the company has,” Hoefer says.

—Nina Patel, senior editor, REMODELING.