How can you get prospects to see you have integrity? Clients judge you based on what has happened in their past and what they see, hear, and read into your first crucial meeting. Here's how to convey integrity:

1. Communicate clearly, with passion and conviction. Have faith, confidence, and belief in your products, services, and ideas. Start with unspoken communicators: jewelry, clothing, facial expressions, body language, your vehicle. Do you look like success? Don't overdo it. Don't be fake or flashy. Ask, What makes you feel distrustful of others? Are you repeating those signals or behaviors? Listen. Some people tell you more by what they don't say. Then, use easy-to-understand words.

2. Examine your dialogue. Do you use words of value and meaning to the customer? Practice your questions, as well as the answers to often-asked client questions. "Words of value" include brand names. If someone mentions a window brand, say that you use only the finest products and brands the customer knows. If the customer can connect you and these established companies, there's integrity by association. Have you established your own brand, through beautiful job signs, company shirts, hats? Consistency "reads" integrity.

3. Present the "whole package." Provide excellent references Use your manners, be on time, don't rush, and address questions or objections head on. Convey what sets you apart without badmouthing. When you badmouth anyone, the whole industry loses integrity. Avoid the sanctimonious "you're lucky to have me" approach. You'll lose exactly what you seek: integrity. --Geno Stampora is a life enhancement speaker and a small business consultant, in Purcellville, Va., (540) 338-7747.