Readers: We received this email request from a subscriber who had recently read a column by REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR columnist Mike Damora. He asked Damora for help, but also is permitting us to share his question with all of you. Please help.

Recently I decided to leave my last employer, which was a one-call-close exterior company, to come onboard to a design-build remodeler that does not drop price.  

I’m still trying to get a feel for the difference. ...  I’m so used to the fact that if I don’t sell it when the price is presented that I have basically 0% shot of getting the business, yet I also have the feeling that if I push too hard in my new position, I may turn off some people who may need some time. Similar to my last employer, the new company I work for is definitely not the cheapest guys out there.

Any words of wisdom for someone going into design-build from one-call-close specialty? Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.

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